Cavalier King Charles Spaniels since 1986 in MISSION BC CANADA

Our Kennel


Cavaliers are usually very affectionate, preferring to cuddle on your lap whenever possible. However, they are also very much a Spaniel, which means they will go to the ground for a scent, chase prey with great enthusiasm, and bark and dig if left to their own devices out in the yard for too long a period of time. Although they are competition dogs, ours are first and foremost our beloved pets, and are carefully home raised and socialized for optimal development. We believe that all dogs deserve fresh air and sunshine, and our facility is structured on my acreage to provide a safe frolicking area for our dogs to enjoy!

 Dogs like humans have a complex blend of genes. Nobody can promise you that your puppy will live his life free of disease, but healthy parents and pedigree are a step in the right direction. We feed quality food and supplement our expecting mothers to ensure the developing puppies have the best possible start in life.



The primary objective of our breeding program is to produce beautiful Cavaliers worthy of the breed, in health, temperament and structure while maintaining the standard. My aim is to provide our puppies a great home becoming a companion for life, whether in the ring or laying at your feet.